Lab members presenting at the 19th annual NeuroMusic Conference

Agnès, Antoine, Clara and Marie-Andrée will present a poster at the 19th annual NeuroMusic conference which will be held on October 28th at the McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


They will be delighted to  discuss their research with you:

  • Zagala, A., Foster, N.E.V., van Vugt,F., Dal Maso,F., Dalla Bella, S. The ramp paradigm: Uncovering individual differences in walking to an auditory beat.
  • Guinamard, A., Dalla Bella, S., Clément, S., Foster, N.E.V., Bégel, V., Kotz, S., Samson, S., Dellacherie, D. Implicit Rhythmic Abilities in Children.
  • Ziane, C., Dalla Bella, S. & Dal Maso, F. Walking to the beat: How to quantify neural entrainment.
  • Richard M.-A., Azzi, W., Fortier, J., Foster, N.E.V., Gosselin, N, Dalla Bella, S. How do you groove: does movement type alter the relationship between wanting to move and pleasure?