Lab members presenting at the CRBLM scientific day on May 15th

Several lab members will present at the CRBLM scientific day. Come and discuss their research!


  • Zagala, A., Foster, N.E.V., van Vugt, F., Dal Maso, F., Dalla Bella, S. The ramp paradigm: A new protocol for uncovering individual differences in walking to an auditory beat. 
  • Laflamme, H., Jamey, K., Rigoulot, S., Foster, N.E.V., Lippé, S., Kotz, S. A. & Dalla Bella, S. Proof of Concept of a beat-based serious game for telerehabilitation in children with ADHD: Effects on auditory motor synchronization. 
  • Richard M.-A., Azzi, W., Fortier, J., Foster, N.E.V., Gosselin, N, Dalla Bella, S. (2023, May 15th). Relation between wanting to move and pleasure in a music listening task: considering individual differences and motor activity. 
  • Bahadori, M., Bhutani, N., Dalla Bella, S. Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Perception of Time Deviations. 
  • Guinamard, A., Dalla Bella, S., Clément, S., Foster, N.E.V., Bégel, V., Kotz, S., Samson, S., Dellacherie, D. Investigating Implicit Rhythmic Abilities in Children. 
  • Dufresne, F., Jamey, K., Laflamme, H., Foster, N.E.V., Robert, M., Hyde, K.L. & Dalla Bella, S. Can You Beat the Music? Piloting a Rhythmic Serious Game to Improve Sensorimotor and Executive Functioning in Children With Autism. 
  • Gurevitch, O., Hove, M., Dalla Bella, S., Krishna, S., Psychophysiological correlates of absorption during music perception.